Private Vacation Villas In Bali

Bali Luxury Villas™ offers you relaxing seclusion in your Bali private villa. Whether you want to venture out and experience the rich culture and beautiful beaches Bali is known for, or you want to spend your time being pampered, you will enjoy your perfect vacation in our private vacation villas in Bali.

Private Staff Devoted to Private Splendor

Each of our Bali private villas is fully staffed, providing the exclusive  5-star service expected of the finest hotels, yet with the benefit of a rich cultural experience and absolute privacy. From housekeepers and in-house chefs to security guards and personal butlers, your Bali private villa exudes ultimate comfort and privacy.

Travel in luxury to points of interest or fine restaurants with a private chauffeured car. If you prefer not to leave your luxurious hideaway, our concierge service is always ready to ensure you have all you need for your stay.

While Bali is known for its unmatched dining experiences, you can enjoy an intimate dinner in the comfort of your own Bali private villa prepared by your in-house chef. Talented in both local and international cuisine, your chef will delight your senses and create a memorable meal as if you were dining out at one of Bali’s fabulous restaurants.

Each villa’s team of hospitality specialists is devoted to facilitating intimate service amongst private splendor.


Each of our Bali private villas has its own distinct characteristics, offering unmatched privacy. For instance, spend an afternoon on your own private beach or take time to reflect in the Bali private villa’s water garden. Appreciate rich Indonesian heritage with a personal collection of museum-quality antiques, art and artifacts.

Even those villas nestled in the heart of the Seminyak’s bustle offer an oasis of privacy and seclusion. Step outside your door for all of the city’s energy or savor quiet seclusion, relaxing in your Bali private villa.

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Our Bali private villas are spacious. With multiple bedrooms, expansive grounds and accommodating common areas, our Bali private villas make the perfect setting for a family reunion or  Hochzeit.

Unlike commercial accommodations, you and your guests can enjoy a relaxing stay together, offering the opportunity to spend downtime with one another, instead of breaking off into separate hotel rooms. Savor intimate family dinners in your private Bali villa or enjoy each other’s company while relaxing at your own private pool. Our spacious residences are the best of private vacation villas. Bali is best experienced from the comfort and relaxation of our Bali private villas.

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